Bio - Marcello Moccia


My name is Marcello, I am an Italian photographer.  I was born and raised in Naples, Italy, one of the most beautiful cities in the world; full of history and art. and recently moved to San Diego,Ca. I started my career 20 years ago, as a wedding photographer. I enjoyed to be present for one of the most important days in people's life.

 I have more then 20 years an experience as photographer, which is it my biggest passion, along with the passion to cook and for fashion.

I started photography with film cameras, developing my photos in a darkroom. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the Polaroid and then digital cameras, my job became easy enough to do for people with less experience and knowledge. I started with well known cameras such as the Canon FM3, Leica R6, Hasselblad CL.

Now I also use the most advanced digital camera and my darkroom became my MAC computer, paying attention to the details, colors and using my fantasy to elaborate the photos, making each of them unique and special for each different occasion.


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